Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Of My Favorite Channel

One of my favorite TV channel is National Geographic Channel because not only it is informative and educational, it also offers wide variety of interesting topics that many of us can relate to and several different things that we normally deal with on a daily basis like people, science, history, animals, etc. And since we are not meant to live our lives fronting the tv 24/7, its great to have other types of resources, like the internet! Cant get enough of them, check out National Geographic website today!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Make Money Blogging

Are you blogging? If you own your own blog, then you should check out Bloggerwave because they offer writing opportunities to bloggers out there who are interested to write or post reviews about different products and/or companies. All you need is having a regularly updated blog, and if you are willing to make money from it, Bloggerwave give you writing task to complete and you will be compensated for doing so if your post review meets their minimum requirements. Check them out today!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Seeing Our World Breath

As technology progresses like the internet, the ones completed and hard to get information all in one place is now quite possible and easily accessible online for anyone to see. Before, it would be almost impossible for many of us to see how our world evolves on a daily basis. We maybe aware that every second a new baby is born, but it was quite hard to figure out in an instant how many new borns and how many deaths occured in a given time. And with the growing concern of global warming and Carbon Dioxide emission, we can now also visually see online a live graphic presentation of CO2 emission as presented by BreathingEarth website, where they provide some interesting data about new baby borns, deaths and CO2 released into the atmosphere. Seeing how quick the population grows and get deducted is interesting, and the CO2 data is quite alarming, hopefully we could do something to minimize the CO2 being release.

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