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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Optical Illusions

I used to get tons of forward emails from some friends sharing interesting optical illusions figures in it. Although, I personally dont see a practical use for it, i find most optical illusions very entertaining and mind-blowing, in a way. Some of these optical illusions are so complex and hard to comprehend that they sometimes twist my brain out trying to figure them out: how did that happen or is it really possible!

There are several types of optical illusions out there that been circulating in the internet. At Dynamic Optical Illusions page they provide some great collections of optical illusions.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Under The Sea Living Things

We live in a planet that has diversed living things all around us. We all share the same earth with several different types of animals. But if you come to think of it, majority of earth surface is a body of water, and only very few have the resoruces and the chance to explore deep under the sea. Thanks to new high technology and state-of-the-art equipments, we can now see what the sea explorers see below the ocean. We are all familiar with some types of fishes, but we barely scratch the surface when it comes to knowing all the different types of creatures living underneath the ocean and what these creatures looks like. To see some of the great findings that some deep sea explorers have seen, checkout Explore The Abyss website.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unique Tree Arts

Many of us probably heard about Bonsai plants, a very popular way of re-shaping and training trees and let the plants grow in miniature versions. Bonsai plants were known to be originally popularized in Japanese cultures and now its been practice in different parts of the world specially to gardeners and planters.

Not until today, I never heard of anyone who does re-shaping and training of trees as they grow, and trained such trees to achieve certain figures like the form of a chair, a structure of a man or woman, etc. Can you imagine a tree that is alive that have trunks and braches shape like a chair or a person? Imagine no more, check out PookTre Garden where they have wide variety of amazing collection of living trees that are currently growing in all shapes and sizes!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something Special About Common Numbers

Numbers are so common that we are hardly aware how often we use numbers in a single day. We use numbers the moment we wake up in the morning when the alarm clock starts ringing at five (5) oclock in the morning, clock is numbers. And then we have morning rush and started estimating how much time we have left to finish everything that needs to be done before we leave, like taking the shower, drinking the coffee, all of these chores is about time, which is numbers. How many spoons of sugar to put in your morning coffee, thats dealing with number. How fast you drive, are you below speed limit in your driving so that you wont get a speeding ticket? You are dealing with numbers. Pay this, pay that, these are dealing with money, money is all about numbers. We deals with numbers more often than we are even aware of. But as common as they are, each number is unique in their own way. One obvious uniqueness is that each number will either be more or lesser than the other one. But for many mathematicians, engineers, scientists, algebra enthusiasts, most of them see numbers the same way we all do and also in a whole different ways that common people sometimes are not even aware of. In a different perspective, find out what are so unique about most of the most common numbers that we use daily in: What is Special About This Number?

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

You like colors but can you name them?

I love colors! I specially like blue and green ones, but I have to admit, I dont know so much about which blue is particularly turquoise and which is tiffany, and which green is an evergreen, or which is sage! That is why today, I am very excited and totally thrilled to come across website that features Name That Color. A very useful, user-friendly, and very direct, all you have to do is select a color, and the website will tell you what the color is called! So if you are a designer or an artist that want to express your style with color, not only can you use it well, but you can also identify each color by their names! Check it our yourself and have an exciting new color knowledge at Name That Color.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Folding paper money

Bored and idle? Have some money but dont really want to spend it yet? Why not try having fun with your money bills without spending it! I found this really cool web site that features different ways to fold paper money and transform them into different shapes like box, fan, shirt, spider, and more. With the step by step instructions provided in the website, you could definitely learn to make this folding paper money at anytime. Check out this Money Origami site today.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Playing with Colors Using Mouse

I have never seen anything like it, every time you move your computer mouse, you started painting onscreen, and everytime you click your mouse, you change colors. The image you produce will depends how you make movements of your mouse! And to start from the very beginning, just click SPACE bar, and start moving your mouse again. It is like playing with paintbrush! Check it out at

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