Monday, April 20, 2009

Challenge Your Brain Even More

I grow up as a kid playing all types of games with my siblings as my opponents, they were not playing to loose, so was I. Some of my favorites games that we play all the time were Millionaires Game and Scrabble. I specially like Scrabble and some other word games because it enhance my brain a lot trying to think of words that actually exist and it enhance my spelling skills too.

Most of us like challenges, we love being challenged, specially our knowledge and our brains. How about being tested by what you know, and knowing facts you dont even know exist? Try the toughest word game on the web and see where you stand!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Words That Inspire Us

Since I was young, I always love to collect all kinds of inspirational words and sayings from people of all walks of life. As we all probably know, life is a learning experience. As people live their lives in a day to day basis, most if not all, take with them lessons and experiences to help them make wise and smart decisions in the near or distant future.

We are all created unique and different, and although we have differences, we all can learn from each other and be inspired and live a better life. Im thrilled to bump into a website with several collections of different inspirational sayings.

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