Thursday, October 09, 2008

Enhance Your Shoe Lacing Skill

Shoelacing can be a danting task, it takes time and concentration specially when the holes in the shoes are so tiny that its hard to feed the lace through. Sometimes, its easier to just wear flip flop than mess with sneakers and rubber shoes and have to do shoe lacing.

How many shoelacing technique do you know? I know around two different ways, and not sure what each of the technique is called. But for the benefit and fun for all of us, its cool to know that there is Ians Shoelace Site that offers not one, not two, not three, but 34 Different Ways To Lace Shoe, how cool is that! Shoelacing can make a difference in the appearance of your shoes, lacing your shoe in different way compare to what we are accustomed can be fun, challenging and a break from the norm.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Test Your Reading Skill

I learned English from school, and it is only a secondary language where I grow up. So I interacted with people around me in our dialect and the only way I learned English was through our school, where it was part of our curriculum. I remember that I had a hard time with the English reading comprehension activity we had at school. I did so much better in mathematics, that is why I took engineering course in college. Back in my elementary days, sometimes (not always) I used to read a whole paragraph in English and could not fully comprehend the whole message. I should say though that I am a lot better with my reading comprehension than how I did back then, during in my elementary days.

What about you, how is your reading skills? Check out this reading test today.

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