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Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicken Dental Treats For Dogs

Do you have dogs? We got two, and we spoil them, in a good way, because we always make sure that we only give them quality dog treats and dog foods. We consider our dogs as valuable members of the family, so we always make sure that all the dog foods and treats that we give them are safe, healthy, and good for them.

Since we buy majority of our dogs foods and treats at Costco, im so glad that they carry Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz because its a dog treat that promotes healthy gums, reduce tartar build-up and freshen the breath. I personally think its quite a challenge to brush a dogs teeth and Im sure some dogs are not comfortable having brush bristles touching against their teeth and gums all the time. Thats why dental bones like Edible Dental Dog Chews are heaven-sent for dog owners, not only it is healthy for the dogs, its made of real chicken! Our dogs love chicken meats, and having chicken in their dental bone is definitely a bonus for them.
Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz is available at Costco Warehouse. Watch out for your coupon books too for Edible Dental Dog Chews discount coupon.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Peace and Harmony Is Achievable

A great way to start the New Year is to pray and hope for peace and harmony among humans and nations. It is not pleasant when there is war, there is fightings, and chaos around you. Why do humans fight against each other? Why cant we have peace instead of war? Why cant we all get along instead of hurting each other? Why cant we just love each other instead of hating each other? So many questions why. Why do we turn against each other instead of living in harmony and peace together?

Peace and harmony might not be the easiest to achieve, because of things like pride, power, and whatever other reasons that hinders everyone from achieving a better and harmonios living with each other. But it is something that is possible, achievable and can be done, given the time, the willingness and the desire to make it happen.

Co-existings animals in different species all around us are perfect example of the fact that no matter how different we can be, how unique each individual is, we can still find peace and harmony from each other, if we allow it to happen. Check out the message and lesson that we can definitely learn from all the animals around us at Lets Be Friends blog.

Happy New Year 2008 and may we all strive and work towards a more harmonious and peaceful world!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Birds All Around Us

There are several different types of birds, we may never know all the different types, and we may never see all birds in person in our lifetime, but they share the same habitant, planet earth, and it would be exciting to know and see some of the birds (North American Birds) that were already discovered and photographed by humans. And if you ever wonder, what are the other birds looks like aside from the local birds that are available in your area, a great source and definitely imformative resource is North American Birds Photo Gallery website which has nice bird photographies, and bird details including common name and scientific name of the birds.

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