Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Weather Is Changing

Its that time of year again when we have to bundle up and get warm. The news of cold air and snow is back once again. Just the other day, I finally put away all my summer clothes and dug thru my winter clothes in the closets and put them on top. I have all my long sleeves, sweaters, and jackets hanged in the closet for easy accessibility. I also have all my winter shoes readily available and placed on top of the file so that its within reach and ready to use when I need to.

We normally have all types of shoes for different occassions like sneakers, rubber shoes, tennis shoes, snow shoes, boots, and more. I have some really good boots but none of them are quite friendly in the rain. Rain is more frequent and possible during fall and winter seasons, thats why a nice pair of rain boots would really be great. Most of the rain boots available in the brick-and-mortar stores are plain, mostly black rubber or yellow rubber with hardly any style. I recently came across some really neat stylish rain boots at Zappos online website where they have huge selections of really neat rain boots. Not only are they functional for the type of weather we are in but they very stylish as well and you are not stuck with just one color because they have huge selections of colorful patterns to choose from!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Shadow And More Shadows

When i got married, thats when I always heard the saying: Me and my shadow. During the first year of our marriage, we decided to adopt a young puppy from the shelter and she definitely became a part of our family since then! Our dog is full of love, she love to be around us and play with us all the time. Most of the time, when we are around the house or in the yard, or dog follow us all around and checking us out what we are doing. When we go to the kitchen, she will be there. When we go to the bedroom, she will be there. That is why my husband always say: Me and my shadow, and refer our dog as his shadow.

Normally, a shadow is a silhouette reflection of you when a light particularly hit one side of you [or an object] and transmit your detailed figure on the opposite side of the lighting. Shadow is never constant, it keeps on changing depending on how you position yourself, the object, or the lighting. One of the most commonly used lighting for producing shadow is the sun, thats why shadow is pretty common especially outside. You can see shadows of people, trees, buildings, or pretty much anything!

There are times that i like to photograph shadows. I had photograph of my shadow in the sun and shadows of my hands and made some interesting figures out of my hands. There are some really interesting ways you can do very creative with shadows and make it an art form!

Written by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Outside The Box Photography

One of my passion in life is photography. Looking back at my photography history, i had my share of old technology cameras using 110 film cameras, 35mm film cameras, etc. Not to mention having to develop and processs all those photos inorder to see which photos to keep and which ones to toss. And you have all these negatives and pictures to store in boxes and albums!

Photography has changed a lot these days, you hardly see anymore film camera anymore, its widely digital. The most powerful cameras have state-of-the-art lenses and high resolutions capability. But what is powerful cameras without the skills of the photographer?

Photography is a great way to preserve and capture memories at it happens, more like point and shot. But theres also the creative side of photography, where you think outside the box, and be creative with how you shoot things. Getting creative means breaking the norm, and taking pictures in ways you havent seen before. Creative photography is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and use your powerful digital camera in a whole new level. I recently bumped into this photography article showcasing some really creative photography works, its fun and entertaining photographs to look at.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicken Dental Treats For Dogs

Do you have dogs? We got two, and we spoil them, in a good way, because we always make sure that we only give them quality dog treats and dog foods. We consider our dogs as valuable members of the family, so we always make sure that all the dog foods and treats that we give them are safe, healthy, and good for them.

Since we buy majority of our dogs foods and treats at Costco, im so glad that they carry Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz because its a dog treat that promotes healthy gums, reduce tartar build-up and freshen the breath. I personally think its quite a challenge to brush a dogs teeth and Im sure some dogs are not comfortable having brush bristles touching against their teeth and gums all the time. Thats why dental bones like Edible Dental Dog Chews are heaven-sent for dog owners, not only it is healthy for the dogs, its made of real chicken! Our dogs love chicken meats, and having chicken in their dental bone is definitely a bonus for them.
Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz is available at Costco Warehouse. Watch out for your coupon books too for Edible Dental Dog Chews discount coupon.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Travel Thoughts

One of my passion in life is travelling. I love to travel and see places but i dont really have the luxury to do it often because it not only takes time to vacation, it also takes money to do it. Thats why when I like to go places and take time to actually go there, I want to make sure that there is something in that particular area that makes the trip worthwhile like the beach, waterfalls, the foods, etc. In my Fifty States Travel blog, i always try to be more specific about the places I write about like what is out there and provide several pictures of the area if possible so that for those who read my blog posts and never been there would be able to visualize the place better before going there and spending money so that they can decide soundly if the such place meet their demands and expectations like services, sceneries, and available ammenities that you came to expect. Because traveling is a life investment and you spend money to get it. Investing in travels can be a good thing because the rewards could be having a more diversed lifestyle and great exposure of different cultures and traditions. 

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Watched Most Extreme Airports

We just watched a show that we recorded in our DVR. It was aired on History Channel called Most Extreme Airports. Its crazy how hairy and scary some of the airports are. Some airports made it to the list because of short runways, weather patterns in the area, surrounding area in the airport, just to name a few.

In this show that we watched, an airport in Nepal on top of a mountain with very high elevation made it on top of their list. I can understand why, the runway is very short, the runway is climbing, one side of the runway is cliff and the other is a mountain. Definitely no room for error there. Another airport that made it to their list is an airport with a runway that is so close to the beach that the wind that the planes produced when they are about to take off is so strong that locals and visitors in the area stay on the other side of the cyclone fence, hold on to the metal post fence, as they experience the wind of the engine blowing heavily towards them. Another airport is so weird, the runway literally cross a major road in the city, so they have to control a traffic like a train crossing and block the car traffic so the airplanes can pass through.

The show featured 10 extreme airports in the world. Its a cool show, its fascinating to see how other places in different parts of the world do things that we normally dont see being done in our own cities. Each airport is unique, they are designed according variuos factors like location, weather, and space availability.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Wooden Furnitures Are Timeless

I grow up in a house with a bunch of wooden furnitures all over house. As a child, I never really care much about home decorating and interior design because all i could really think of was go out and play with my friends outside.

Now that Im grown up and live in a different house, I begin to realize how much i like having all the  furnitures we had as far as realizing its functions and how well they work into the space as a decorating element. In my existing space, I would like to have a round coffee table in front of the sofa so that I can entertain my family and friends and have the table for snacks and drinks as we gather in the living room for a chat. A matching wood finished end tables for the side lamps at the sides of the sofa would be ideal, so I can conveniently read in the evening in the living room.

I love to read books a lot and I buy all kinds of books every now and then. It would be neat to see them neatly stack in one tall bookcase with lots of shelves where I can easily display the books and browse through the titles and easily grab them when I need them instead of having them stored in boxes hidden in a room, where its hard for me to utilized and enjoy the books.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Short Games For Quick Times

Are you idle, bored with nothing to do for few minutes? Entertain yourself and play some quick games at Club Bing and you dont have to worry about being idle and not do anything. Dont worry, its not gonna take you all day because these are games that are designed for busy people in mind, who dont have the whole day to play games but have spare times in-between work to play and insert some short games in their schedules and be entertained. Check out some quick games you can play with online.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Domain Name For This Blog

Hi everyone! If you happen to have a link of this blog, kindly update our links. The current domain name for this blog is now back to Thank you for updating. Have a great day ahead. WZ6W27CT6MMG

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