Monday, September 06, 2010

Outside The Box Photography

One of my passion in life is photography. Looking back at my photography history, i had my share of old technology cameras using 110 film cameras, 35mm film cameras, etc. Not to mention having to develop and processs all those photos inorder to see which photos to keep and which ones to toss. And you have all these negatives and pictures to store in boxes and albums!

Photography has changed a lot these days, you hardly see anymore film camera anymore, its widely digital. The most powerful cameras have state-of-the-art lenses and high resolutions capability. But what is powerful cameras without the skills of the photographer?

Photography is a great way to preserve and capture memories at it happens, more like point and shot. But theres also the creative side of photography, where you think outside the box, and be creative with how you shoot things. Getting creative means breaking the norm, and taking pictures in ways you havent seen before. Creative photography is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and use your powerful digital camera in a whole new level. I recently bumped into this photography article showcasing some really creative photography works, its fun and entertaining photographs to look at.

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