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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Every Little Bit Of Discount Helps

When it comes to shopping and spending money, every little bit of savings that you can get for every single item that you purchase will eventually add up, and in the long run saves you, that you can use to buy other stuff. That is why, when there are discounts and coupons that comes along that you can use to purchase items that you need to buy anyways, it always helps to use such coupons. Coupons may take a little bit more time during the checkout process, but dealing that little bit of time, a minute or so, is definitely worth it when it means saving you some bucks. Lesser money out of your pocket means more money left in your pocket. So if you want to purchase in a particular store, it is definitely worth it to see if there are coupons and discounts that are available that you can use in a particular store to purchase an item. An all-in-one stop for coupons is Current Codes website where you can browse though all the available coupons in several different stores and establishments.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deals For The Quick Ones

I never got the chance to buy anything from Woot website before because I guess my timing is always off, or probably I am not fast enough to grab the deals. Everytime I go to their web site, their deal for the day was always sold-out. They must have really great products at great prices because their daily products surely wont last everyday! So for those who love deals, I think Woot is a great store to check out, if you are quick enough to buy before they run out of stocks for the day.

For all those who havent tried or visited Woot site before, it is a exciting new online store that features and sells one type of product daily, one day, one deal, and mostly priced below retail value. They sell different types of products, one type per day. It is definitely a new way of online shopping at

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Organize and Share Your Styles

Have you ever experience browsing too many different online stores, checking out different products, and bookmarking such pages to your favorites so that you will be able to return to these sites next time? But then it is quite hard to remember which site you visited had what product, not to mentioned staring at an endless list of text listings in your favorites...If you have this deliemma, I think you will really like Stylefeeder, a site for easy remembering of items from different sites you visited, you can even save the product photos as well. At first, it may sound quite complicated to use but once you started using it, it is very helpful and will make online shopping a breeze. To get started with Stylefeeder, the site will give you a link to setup their program, and have the Stylefeeder button accessible in your internet browser, so that when you visit different sites, and like what you see, saving that item in the Stylefeeder is as easy as clicking the Stylefeeder button and the item will be recorded to your Stylefeeder account. So the next time you want to check that item again, just go to your Stylefeeder account, where you will see all your saved products that you found from different sites. I personally think Stylefeeder is a very useful site for online shoppers that loves to hop a lot from one site to the next but want to streamline everything in one place and be more organized. I use and have my own Stylefeeder account as well, you can check my styles, and cool things i found online at my Stylefeeder.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Local Classified Ads Site

I recently found this new advertising site, Kijiji, which is an eBay company. I like this site because it offers classified ads by cities. And it limits advertisers to post ads locally and they can only post ads to one location. I personally think that the site is well-designed, simple, very user-friendly. Very easy to locate your particular location or desired city with all the browsing options that the web site provides like interactive mapping, drop down menu, and zip code search. Web link to Kijiji website.

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