Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Planets Around Us

For a non-scientist person like me, i dont know so much other planets, surrounding the earth and are widely spread in an endless universe. But there are some people that study these planets deeply and have vast knowledge about them. Day by day, most of us are busy with our day to day lives and its not always that we think about the other planets out there. If you will think about it, earth is a very small part of the universe, it is very interesting to even see a visual aide and images showing how little our planet earth really is in comparison to other existing planets. I remember when I was in grade school, we had these science visual aides of the existing universe showing the planets by scale. But it is hard to imagine how big the universe really is size-wise. Living here on earth, a lot of people who are not scientists hardly think about earth in comparison to other planets out there. Our planet is definitely a tiny part of the whole thing, check out The Size Of Our World web page at Rense website, and you will probably be amazed.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mixed Artistic Mediums

Sometimes when you see or hear a bunch of artistic-inclined individuals gather together in one palce you hear them say the word, MEDIUM. Which refers to the type of materials used to accomplished a certain art. In the art world, there are different type of mediums available to create an artistic image. Some favorite materials regularly used are oil paints, pencils, watercolor, pastels and a lot more. While others choice to use mixed mediums, a combination of many different stuff, paints, wires, mesh and more.

With how technology advanced and progressed so rapidly over these years, it is more fitting that new ways and means have been develop to create an artwork inspired by the old and traditional ways and creates the same effect. Can you imagine creating an artwork using different types of materials, crayola, paint brush, pens, markers, etc with your computer? Imagine no more, try this really exciting
Crayola Digi-Color software that you can do just that. And the best part about their software is that you can print your hard-worked artwork so that you can file or hang it as a proof of your artistic ability.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Expressing in style with fonts

The world of computers have gone a long way since it first started. From green, black screens to colored high definition monitors, from black and white text fonts to endless choices of text fonts to choose that you can type in different colors. In the beginning, you type texts in the computer using only one style font, just like using a typewriter. But nowadays, with so many fonts choices available, using style fonts is becoming a self-expression, expressing in style.

There are variety of office softwares available that you can choose to prepare documents and other paper works. And with the different variety of fonts available that you can apply to your project/document, you now have endless of option to make your documents your own, stylish, and let it stand out. But other times, there are some projects that calls for more unique fonts and needs more creativity, and using the most common fonts available just wont do it. If you have this need, checkout new, exciting new fonts that are available at

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use your computer mouse without clicking it

I am definitely one of those person who enjoy surfing online. In my spare time, I can virtually hop in from one site to the next, checking out different stuff, looking for something cool, and hopefully find something new and interesting!

Before, computers did not have a mouse, you just use the keyboard the whole time. These days, it is hard to imagine facing your computer and not having a mouse, isnt it? Mouse in general is designed with buttons, left and right, for clicking. But can you imagine using your mouse without clicking it? Your mouse can take you virtually anywhere when you click it. But see what is possible with your mouse when you use it even without click it! If you dont know what I am talking about, please checkout website and you will be amazed what else is possible by using a mouse. Its pretty cool, check it out.

Note: There is a minimum sytem requirement needed for the site to show properly.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Games, games, and more games

Computer games are hot stuff nowadays both young and adults. But a lot of times, you have to buy the software of the game to be able to play, costing you money, and if you want more games or new games, you have to spend more bucks to get more. And if you are tired of your old boring computer game, what can you do? What about choices? Hmm, if you are big on gaming and/or computer games, i think you might like to checkout MiniJuegos website, where they have wide variety of fun and interactive computer games accessible online, ready to use!

MiniJuegos website doesnt look like they have english text in their homepage but when I clicked and tried playing the individual games, the game instructions are written in english, so almost anyone can learn hot to play.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Link Exchange with Co-Bloggers

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Soapy Situation

Soap is something that we use everyday, day in and day out! But how much do you know about soap, is anyones guess, probably not much. Just as long as you can safely scrub it in your skin, make yourself clean and smelling fresh, for a lot of people thats how close we know about soaps. Did it ever cross your mind of making your own soap and/or asking what makes a soap?

I remember when I was in high school in our chemistry class, my group ended up making soap as our project. It was interesting to actually know the process of making one, and getting familiar of the ingredients that are added to the soap to make it a soap.

For those of you who are intrique and curious about soaps, how to make them and all, check out
Teach Soap website for plenty of information about it.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Fold a Shirt - How-To

When I was a little kid, I been trained by my parents how to fold my own clothes including shirts. But I realized and encountered a lot of people who have no idea how to fold a shirt! While some others do know how to fold a shirt, but the steps of folding their shirt is completely different from how I do it. In comparison to what I been accustomed to, I realized that there are other ways to fold a shirt. I never tried folding my shirt using this method before, but checkout and learn one of the way to fold a shirt today, visit How To Fold a Shirt.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

You like colors but can you name them?

I love colors! I specially like blue and green ones, but I have to admit, I dont know so much about which blue is particularly turquoise and which is tiffany, and which green is an evergreen, or which is sage! That is why today, I am very excited and totally thrilled to come across website that features Name That Color. A very useful, user-friendly, and very direct, all you have to do is select a color, and the website will tell you what the color is called! So if you are a designer or an artist that want to express your style with color, not only can you use it well, but you can also identify each color by their names! Check it our yourself and have an exciting new color knowledge at Name That Color.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Folding paper money

Bored and idle? Have some money but dont really want to spend it yet? Why not try having fun with your money bills without spending it! I found this really cool web site that features different ways to fold paper money and transform them into different shapes like box, fan, shirt, spider, and more. With the step by step instructions provided in the website, you could definitely learn to make this folding paper money at anytime. Check out this Money Origami site today.

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