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Friday, August 06, 2010

Watched Most Extreme Airports

We just watched a show that we recorded in our DVR. It was aired on History Channel called Most Extreme Airports. Its crazy how hairy and scary some of the airports are. Some airports made it to the list because of short runways, weather patterns in the area, surrounding area in the airport, just to name a few.

In this show that we watched, an airport in Nepal on top of a mountain with very high elevation made it on top of their list. I can understand why, the runway is very short, the runway is climbing, one side of the runway is cliff and the other is a mountain. Definitely no room for error there. Another airport that made it to their list is an airport with a runway that is so close to the beach that the wind that the planes produced when they are about to take off is so strong that locals and visitors in the area stay on the other side of the cyclone fence, hold on to the metal post fence, as they experience the wind of the engine blowing heavily towards them. Another airport is so weird, the runway literally cross a major road in the city, so they have to control a traffic like a train crossing and block the car traffic so the airplanes can pass through.

The show featured 10 extreme airports in the world. Its a cool show, its fascinating to see how other places in different parts of the world do things that we normally dont see being done in our own cities. Each airport is unique, they are designed according variuos factors like location, weather, and space availability.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Complicated Everyday Roads

One obvious situation that most highly-industrialized countries have in common is the existence of complex road systems. Complicated road systems, specially in major metropolis, are being utilized inorder to accomodate the ever growing numbers of transportations that being used by each of the family residing in such places, as well as all the visitors and tourists that come to visit the place.

Most roads that are being built in different countries or cities are quite unique from each other. The uniqueness and characteristic of each roads are being deisigned inorder to catter to the unique need and problem of each place, where the road is placed. Almost no roads, specially major intersections, are ever designed exactly the same. Some roads may have the same mechanism and engineering technicality but may differ in number of exits or lanes depending on how many other roads are around it. Some roads are specially designed and engineered to withstand the weather or the type of environment that is unique to that particular place.

Many of us may have used major intersections and roads in different countries or cities on regular basis, but may not be aware how complex these roads really are until we see them in aerial views.

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