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Friday, August 06, 2010

Wooden Furnitures Are Timeless

I grow up in a house with a bunch of wooden furnitures all over house. As a child, I never really care much about home decorating and interior design because all i could really think of was go out and play with my friends outside.

Now that Im grown up and live in a different house, I begin to realize how much i like having all the  furnitures we had as far as realizing its functions and how well they work into the space as a decorating element. In my existing space, I would like to have a round coffee table in front of the sofa so that I can entertain my family and friends and have the table for snacks and drinks as we gather in the living room for a chat. A matching wood finished end tables for the side lamps at the sides of the sofa would be ideal, so I can conveniently read in the evening in the living room.

I love to read books a lot and I buy all kinds of books every now and then. It would be neat to see them neatly stack in one tall bookcase with lots of shelves where I can easily display the books and browse through the titles and easily grab them when I need them instead of having them stored in boxes hidden in a room, where its hard for me to utilized and enjoy the books.

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