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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Short Games For Quick Times

Are you idle, bored with nothing to do for few minutes? Entertain yourself and play some quick games at Club Bing and you dont have to worry about being idle and not do anything. Dont worry, its not gonna take you all day because these are games that are designed for busy people in mind, who dont have the whole day to play games but have spare times in-between work to play and insert some short games in their schedules and be entertained. Check out some quick games you can play with online.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Challenge Your Brain Even More

I grow up as a kid playing all types of games with my siblings as my opponents, they were not playing to loose, so was I. Some of my favorites games that we play all the time were Millionaires Game and Scrabble. I specially like Scrabble and some other word games because it enhance my brain a lot trying to think of words that actually exist and it enhance my spelling skills too.

Most of us like challenges, we love being challenged, specially our knowledge and our brains. How about being tested by what you know, and knowing facts you dont even know exist? Try the toughest word game on the web and see where you stand!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Optical Illusions

I used to get tons of forward emails from some friends sharing interesting optical illusions figures in it. Although, I personally dont see a practical use for it, i find most optical illusions very entertaining and mind-blowing, in a way. Some of these optical illusions are so complex and hard to comprehend that they sometimes twist my brain out trying to figure them out: how did that happen or is it really possible!

There are several types of optical illusions out there that been circulating in the internet. At Dynamic Optical Illusions page they provide some great collections of optical illusions.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Test Your Reading Skill

I learned English from school, and it is only a secondary language where I grow up. So I interacted with people around me in our dialect and the only way I learned English was through our school, where it was part of our curriculum. I remember that I had a hard time with the English reading comprehension activity we had at school. I did so much better in mathematics, that is why I took engineering course in college. Back in my elementary days, sometimes (not always) I used to read a whole paragraph in English and could not fully comprehend the whole message. I should say though that I am a lot better with my reading comprehension than how I did back then, during in my elementary days.

What about you, how is your reading skills? Check out this reading test today.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Seeing Our World Breath

As technology progresses like the internet, the ones completed and hard to get information all in one place is now quite possible and easily accessible online for anyone to see. Before, it would be almost impossible for many of us to see how our world evolves on a daily basis. We maybe aware that every second a new baby is born, but it was quite hard to figure out in an instant how many new borns and how many deaths occured in a given time. And with the growing concern of global warming and Carbon Dioxide emission, we can now also visually see online a live graphic presentation of CO2 emission as presented by BreathingEarth website, where they provide some interesting data about new baby borns, deaths and CO2 released into the atmosphere. Seeing how quick the population grows and get deducted is interesting, and the CO2 data is quite alarming, hopefully we could do something to minimize the CO2 being release.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Learn How To Tie A Knot

When I was in my elementary years, I was very active member for the Girls Scout. I used to join camping and jamboree activities all the time. I truly like being a Girl Scout because I learned so much, specially about the basics things in life like cooking, being resourceful with what nature has to offer. I even learned some different techniques of tying knots that can be used for different stuff.

What about you, do you know some techniques and different ways to tie ropes and strings? Compare what you know with what are available at
I Will Knot, a very unique website that shows you different ways to tie knots, complete with detailed images and videos, with step by step instruction how to do it!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting To Know Yourself

Want to find out why you act the way you do? Wish to explore more about your personality and behaviour, and find out some logical explanation and meaning behind them? What about dealing and learning more about your emotions and you feelings? Find them out today, just take all kinds of neat, quick, and interesting quizzes about you personality at Blogthings site.

And if you want to share the results of these quizzes to you friends and family thru you websites and blogs, codes will be provided there too!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mixed Artistic Mediums

Sometimes when you see or hear a bunch of artistic-inclined individuals gather together in one palce you hear them say the word, MEDIUM. Which refers to the type of materials used to accomplished a certain art. In the art world, there are different type of mediums available to create an artistic image. Some favorite materials regularly used are oil paints, pencils, watercolor, pastels and a lot more. While others choice to use mixed mediums, a combination of many different stuff, paints, wires, mesh and more.

With how technology advanced and progressed so rapidly over these years, it is more fitting that new ways and means have been develop to create an artwork inspired by the old and traditional ways and creates the same effect. Can you imagine creating an artwork using different types of materials, crayola, paint brush, pens, markers, etc with your computer? Imagine no more, try this really exciting
Crayola Digi-Color software that you can do just that. And the best part about their software is that you can print your hard-worked artwork so that you can file or hang it as a proof of your artistic ability.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use your computer mouse without clicking it

I am definitely one of those person who enjoy surfing online. In my spare time, I can virtually hop in from one site to the next, checking out different stuff, looking for something cool, and hopefully find something new and interesting!

Before, computers did not have a mouse, you just use the keyboard the whole time. These days, it is hard to imagine facing your computer and not having a mouse, isnt it? Mouse in general is designed with buttons, left and right, for clicking. But can you imagine using your mouse without clicking it? Your mouse can take you virtually anywhere when you click it. But see what is possible with your mouse when you use it even without click it! If you dont know what I am talking about, please checkout website and you will be amazed what else is possible by using a mouse. Its pretty cool, check it out.

Note: There is a minimum sytem requirement needed for the site to show properly.

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