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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Formulas And Equations

I took an engineering course in college, and being in an engineering field is dealing with all kinds of formulas and dealing with symbols as well. There are so many equations and formulas to memorize necessary to calculate or solve any given problem or situation. And its not always easy to remember everything, thats why a list of formulas and equations can be found very useful and helpful to all those who need to use them not only at studies, but at work and in real life situations as well!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Package It Differently

Whether you are feeling crafty or just want to wrap some gifts up for family and friends, you could always use some creative new ways to make new boxes! Traditionally, we are used to the square or rectangle shapes as container for almost anything and everything. But if you feel a little bit more adventurous and creative, there are several other ways to make your presentation unique, fresh and appealing. Check out these several packaging templates today! If you put a little bit extra time making new packaging shapes and wrapping up in a different ways and manner, the receiver of your present or gift will definitely notice the difference and will treasure your gift even more, and appreciate your time and effort packaging it nicely.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Measure Your Footprint

With the growing concern of global warming, more and more people are changing their daily habits and lifestyle inorder to help minimize their overall impact in global warming problem, that we face today. The global warming issue is a worldwide concern that affect each one of us, but at the same time possibly caused by the way we live and behave in our daily lives. There are so many contributing factors that lead us to the warming of our planet. One factor that somehow caused the warming of our planet is due to the continued released of carbon into the air in a major scale. Ordinary things that we do on a daily basis, unknowingly caused us to release carbon into the atmosphere, and with billions of people releasing carbon into the air on a daily basis, it is an overwhelming amount that somehow affected our planet badly and causing it to warm up. Some examples of ordinary things that we do that cause release of carbon into the air is by driving a car, using energy for home appliances, improper disposal of garbage, etc.

If each one of us do our part in doing our own little ways to help minimize global warming, all those little ways all merged together into one will definitely adds up in a huge way! If you dont know where to start and what things that you currently do that cause global warming to quicken, check out your footprint and what things that you do that contributes to the warming of our planet knowingly or unknowingly. A great site that allows you to measure your footprint is so dont forget to check them out today, and make a difference!

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Learn How To Tie A Knot

When I was in my elementary years, I was very active member for the Girls Scout. I used to join camping and jamboree activities all the time. I truly like being a Girl Scout because I learned so much, specially about the basics things in life like cooking, being resourceful with what nature has to offer. I even learned some different techniques of tying knots that can be used for different stuff.

What about you, do you know some techniques and different ways to tie ropes and strings? Compare what you know with what are available at
I Will Knot, a very unique website that shows you different ways to tie knots, complete with detailed images and videos, with step by step instruction how to do it!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Expressing in style with fonts

The world of computers have gone a long way since it first started. From green, black screens to colored high definition monitors, from black and white text fonts to endless choices of text fonts to choose that you can type in different colors. In the beginning, you type texts in the computer using only one style font, just like using a typewriter. But nowadays, with so many fonts choices available, using style fonts is becoming a self-expression, expressing in style.

There are variety of office softwares available that you can choose to prepare documents and other paper works. And with the different variety of fonts available that you can apply to your project/document, you now have endless of option to make your documents your own, stylish, and let it stand out. But other times, there are some projects that calls for more unique fonts and needs more creativity, and using the most common fonts available just wont do it. If you have this need, checkout new, exciting new fonts that are available at

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Soapy Situation

Soap is something that we use everyday, day in and day out! But how much do you know about soap, is anyones guess, probably not much. Just as long as you can safely scrub it in your skin, make yourself clean and smelling fresh, for a lot of people thats how close we know about soaps. Did it ever cross your mind of making your own soap and/or asking what makes a soap?

I remember when I was in high school in our chemistry class, my group ended up making soap as our project. It was interesting to actually know the process of making one, and getting familiar of the ingredients that are added to the soap to make it a soap.

For those of you who are intrique and curious about soaps, how to make them and all, check out
Teach Soap website for plenty of information about it.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Fold a Shirt - How-To

When I was a little kid, I been trained by my parents how to fold my own clothes including shirts. But I realized and encountered a lot of people who have no idea how to fold a shirt! While some others do know how to fold a shirt, but the steps of folding their shirt is completely different from how I do it. In comparison to what I been accustomed to, I realized that there are other ways to fold a shirt. I never tried folding my shirt using this method before, but checkout and learn one of the way to fold a shirt today, visit How To Fold a Shirt.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

You like colors but can you name them?

I love colors! I specially like blue and green ones, but I have to admit, I dont know so much about which blue is particularly turquoise and which is tiffany, and which green is an evergreen, or which is sage! That is why today, I am very excited and totally thrilled to come across website that features Name That Color. A very useful, user-friendly, and very direct, all you have to do is select a color, and the website will tell you what the color is called! So if you are a designer or an artist that want to express your style with color, not only can you use it well, but you can also identify each color by their names! Check it our yourself and have an exciting new color knowledge at Name That Color.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

No More Time Guessing

If you know people all over the world, or have family and friends abroad, chances are you need to know their current time prior to calling them in the phone or chatting with them online. As a considerate fellow, it would be best to know the current time of your family/friend in the other part of the world prior to calling to make sure that you will not ring their phone at two (2) oclock in the morning and wake her/him up from her/hi sound sleep. But having clocks in your home with different time zones can be messy and can be somewhat confusing, but to avoid all these messy and confusing situation all together, why not utilized WorldTimeServer web site where they provide current time in any countries anytime of the day. With just a click of a mouse, you will virtually know the time of each particular country. So no more time guessing and no more time zone countings, i think WorldTimeServer is a great time source for everyone.

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