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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Human Mind Test

Sometimes we, the people, are so caught up and so dependent with all kinds of new technologies and automatic machines that we somehow forgot how powerful and complicated our minds really are. All these complicated and complex machines and technologies that we grow to depend on are just few examples of the outputs or results of human minds at work, and that they are non-existent if not for the brilliance of the human minds creating them in the first place.

A human mind is so complex that it may be impossible to comprehend and determine the maximum capability of a human mind, if there is even a way to determine its limitation. Try this simple reading test for a quick yet interesting exercise to see the amazing capability of your mind. Good luck!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Measure Your Footprint

With the growing concern of global warming, more and more people are changing their daily habits and lifestyle inorder to help minimize their overall impact in global warming problem, that we face today. The global warming issue is a worldwide concern that affect each one of us, but at the same time possibly caused by the way we live and behave in our daily lives. There are so many contributing factors that lead us to the warming of our planet. One factor that somehow caused the warming of our planet is due to the continued released of carbon into the air in a major scale. Ordinary things that we do on a daily basis, unknowingly caused us to release carbon into the atmosphere, and with billions of people releasing carbon into the air on a daily basis, it is an overwhelming amount that somehow affected our planet badly and causing it to warm up. Some examples of ordinary things that we do that cause release of carbon into the air is by driving a car, using energy for home appliances, improper disposal of garbage, etc.

If each one of us do our part in doing our own little ways to help minimize global warming, all those little ways all merged together into one will definitely adds up in a huge way! If you dont know where to start and what things that you currently do that cause global warming to quicken, check out your footprint and what things that you do that contributes to the warming of our planet knowingly or unknowingly. A great site that allows you to measure your footprint is so dont forget to check them out today, and make a difference!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Of My Favorite Channel

One of my favorite TV channel is National Geographic Channel because not only it is informative and educational, it also offers wide variety of interesting topics that many of us can relate to and several different things that we normally deal with on a daily basis like people, science, history, animals, etc. And since we are not meant to live our lives fronting the tv 24/7, its great to have other types of resources, like the internet! Cant get enough of them, check out National Geographic website today!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Seeing Our World Breath

As technology progresses like the internet, the ones completed and hard to get information all in one place is now quite possible and easily accessible online for anyone to see. Before, it would be almost impossible for many of us to see how our world evolves on a daily basis. We maybe aware that every second a new baby is born, but it was quite hard to figure out in an instant how many new borns and how many deaths occured in a given time. And with the growing concern of global warming and Carbon Dioxide emission, we can now also visually see online a live graphic presentation of CO2 emission as presented by BreathingEarth website, where they provide some interesting data about new baby borns, deaths and CO2 released into the atmosphere. Seeing how quick the population grows and get deducted is interesting, and the CO2 data is quite alarming, hopefully we could do something to minimize the CO2 being release.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Green Conscious And Awareness

One major problem that our world, our environment faces is the problem and fear of global warming. Nowadays, you hear here and there about people and businesses talking about global warming issues and the effort to fight to save our planet from further warming up and causing major and disastrous environmental problems.

Global warming is quite visible here on earth these past few years. All over the world, theres been reports of severe and extreme weathers that believe to be linked to the growing global warming problem. The global warming issue that we now face is a huge concern and it needs everyone to be concern about and play a part to help minimize the problem if not solve the problem. Each individual can play an important role in making a difference of what our future planet will become. Global warming is real and its happening, and its time that we all face it and we all do something to save our planet.

The first step is definitely the desire and the drive to make a difference and solve this growing problem. The second step is getting educated and learning ways and techniques that actually helps or minimize the cause of global warming and the causes that triggers it in the first place, specially the ones that are man-made causes. Check out Alternative Eenergy website where their main focus is on the issue of going green and fighting against global warming.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Under The Sea Living Things

We live in a planet that has diversed living things all around us. We all share the same earth with several different types of animals. But if you come to think of it, majority of earth surface is a body of water, and only very few have the resoruces and the chance to explore deep under the sea. Thanks to new high technology and state-of-the-art equipments, we can now see what the sea explorers see below the ocean. We are all familiar with some types of fishes, but we barely scratch the surface when it comes to knowing all the different types of creatures living underneath the ocean and what these creatures looks like. To see some of the great findings that some deep sea explorers have seen, checkout Explore The Abyss website.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Birds All Around Us

There are several different types of birds, we may never know all the different types, and we may never see all birds in person in our lifetime, but they share the same habitant, planet earth, and it would be exciting to know and see some of the birds (North American Birds) that were already discovered and photographed by humans. And if you ever wonder, what are the other birds looks like aside from the local birds that are available in your area, a great source and definitely imformative resource is North American Birds Photo Gallery website which has nice bird photographies, and bird details including common name and scientific name of the birds.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Planets Around Us

For a non-scientist person like me, i dont know so much other planets, surrounding the earth and are widely spread in an endless universe. But there are some people that study these planets deeply and have vast knowledge about them. Day by day, most of us are busy with our day to day lives and its not always that we think about the other planets out there. If you will think about it, earth is a very small part of the universe, it is very interesting to even see a visual aide and images showing how little our planet earth really is in comparison to other existing planets. I remember when I was in grade school, we had these science visual aides of the existing universe showing the planets by scale. But it is hard to imagine how big the universe really is size-wise. Living here on earth, a lot of people who are not scientists hardly think about earth in comparison to other planets out there. Our planet is definitely a tiny part of the whole thing, check out The Size Of Our World web page at Rense website, and you will probably be amazed.

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