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Monday, April 20, 2009

Challenge Your Brain Even More

I grow up as a kid playing all types of games with my siblings as my opponents, they were not playing to loose, so was I. Some of my favorites games that we play all the time were Millionaires Game and Scrabble. I specially like Scrabble and some other word games because it enhance my brain a lot trying to think of words that actually exist and it enhance my spelling skills too.

Most of us like challenges, we love being challenged, specially our knowledge and our brains. How about being tested by what you know, and knowing facts you dont even know exist? Try the toughest word game on the web and see where you stand!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Test Your Reading Skill

I learned English from school, and it is only a secondary language where I grow up. So I interacted with people around me in our dialect and the only way I learned English was through our school, where it was part of our curriculum. I remember that I had a hard time with the English reading comprehension activity we had at school. I did so much better in mathematics, that is why I took engineering course in college. Back in my elementary days, sometimes (not always) I used to read a whole paragraph in English and could not fully comprehend the whole message. I should say though that I am a lot better with my reading comprehension than how I did back then, during in my elementary days.

What about you, how is your reading skills? Check out this reading test today.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Human Mind Test

Sometimes we, the people, are so caught up and so dependent with all kinds of new technologies and automatic machines that we somehow forgot how powerful and complicated our minds really are. All these complicated and complex machines and technologies that we grow to depend on are just few examples of the outputs or results of human minds at work, and that they are non-existent if not for the brilliance of the human minds creating them in the first place.

A human mind is so complex that it may be impossible to comprehend and determine the maximum capability of a human mind, if there is even a way to determine its limitation. Try this simple reading test for a quick yet interesting exercise to see the amazing capability of your mind. Good luck!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting To Know Yourself

Want to find out why you act the way you do? Wish to explore more about your personality and behaviour, and find out some logical explanation and meaning behind them? What about dealing and learning more about your emotions and you feelings? Find them out today, just take all kinds of neat, quick, and interesting quizzes about you personality at Blogthings site.

And if you want to share the results of these quizzes to you friends and family thru you websites and blogs, codes will be provided there too!

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